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Hey there people! This is an appreciation blog of gorgeous and wonderfullt talented, Thomas Lawrence Knight. He is best known for his role of Luke Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures and Doctor Who. Follow me for awesome video and picture uploads. Enjoy!

elijahvd asked: Yes the fan-fiction is on my blog.

I’ve just finished reading it and can I just say that I love it?! :)

elijahvd asked: Would you care to read one of my Sarah Jane Adventures fan-fiction?

I would love to read your Sarah Jane Adventures fan-fiction! Is it on your blog?

Covered in goo, still looks hot ;)

Covered in goo, still looks hot ;)

h-i-g-h-hopes asked: Heyyyyyyy, follow me! I'm a Tommy Knight fan ;D

haha hey and I will do :)

I love Tommy, I love Toy Story…

I love Tommy, I love Toy Story…

Anonymous asked: i think you have to post more pictures, cause thats what will make our blog "grow"

I think you meant ‘your’ but I’ll let that slip and thanks for the advice anon :)

No feedback on the first chapter, my conclusion is that you hate it and I suck at writing…

Sarah Jane Adventures: New Girl part 1

Rani’s POV

‘Congratulations,’ the letter read. ‘You have been accepted into the University of Oxford. We will be happy for you to attend our University before Monday 3rd September 2012 so that you are settled down accordingly.’ I continued to read it aloud to my parents. ‘We look forward to seeing you and we hope you enjoy your time at the University of Oxford.’

“Wow,” my dad was the first to talk after a moment of silence, “You’re going to University, in Oxford.”

“We’re coming with you!” My mum said excitedly. “Oh, this is a huge step; I just want to be there for you every step of the way, my love!” I looked at my mum with confusion written across my face.

“I signed up for University to have some independence, mum, and besides we’ve only lived here for three years. You can’t just up and leave because I am.”

“Your mother’s right, Rani. We know that you’re old enough to leave by yourself now, but it’s hard for us to let you go so easily.” I saw my mum walking into the kitchen with her head in her hands when I heard a sniffle. “Why don’t you go over the road and tell Sarah Jane?” My dad offered. I looked over at mum one last time before I exited the front door. I ran across the street and banged on Sarah Jane’s front door. She answered it with a warm and caring smile on her face.

“Hello, Rani.” She greeted me as she stepped aside to let me in. We went into the kitchen and she put the kettle on. As we waited for the water to boil she studied me. I was pacing, I wasn’t quite sure how I would break it to her. She sat down on a chair at the table as soon as she made a cup of tea and I joined her. She studied me for a little while before one of us finally spoke. “This silence seems a bit uncomfortable, what’s the matter?” I sighed as I placed my cup down on to the table.

“I’ve been accepted into the University of Oxford,” I told her slowly. I could tell it sunk in with her because her face dropped a little more as the seconds fleeted by. “Mum and dad say they’re going to be moving with me.”

“That means another new family moving into number twelve then.” She said under her breath but I was able to catch what she said. “Oh, I’m happy you’ve been accepted though, I’m just going to miss you a lot.” Sarah Jane said as she pulled me into a tight embrace.

“Let’s just hope it’s not another girl and her family then.”

*Three Months Later*

I had quickly done a check over my old room before we had to leave. Everything was packed and the removal men were ready to drive over to Oxford with us. I looked at the ‘Sold’ sign that was hammered into the grass of the front garden and it made me think of a million and one questions all at once. What is the family like? Are they nice? Will they ever find out about the aliens? I shook my head before I got further into them. Everyone from Sarah Jane’s house walked over to where I was standing. Sarah Jane, Sky, Clyde, and even Luke was here too. He finished his years of University early because of him being a big brain box that he is. Clyde was the first one that got to me. Then it was Sky’s turn, then Luke’s, and last but not least, Sarah Jane. I promised them all that I would try to speak to them on the weekends if I wasn’t too busy. I hugged everyone goodbye one last time before I got into the car with my parents. I was really going to miss this place, all the aliens, the strange things that occurred at nearly every given opportunity, everything.

Goodbye, Banner Man Road.

So, for the story I’m doing I’m thinking about doing a two-part chapter, like the episodes and the first part is coming along nicely so I might be able to post it on here once I’ve completed it. Message me what you think of it once you’ve read it :)

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